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Commodities offer a wide range of instruments that you can trade. You can choose from precious metals, oil or agricultural commodities.

Among the most traded commodities are traditionally gold, silver, oil, wheat, corn or sugar. Commodities are being traded in units (ounce, barrel, pound, bushel) in standardized quantities, which are called the “lot”. The lot represents the minimum quantity that could be traded. FX GLOBAL has instruments which allow you trading with narrow spreads and an easy use of leverage.

Learn to trade on the commodities market

Explore the financial world, full of business and investment possibilities. Learn to use trading signals as a useful addition to your trading experience, allowing you to make faster investment decisions. These signals will draw your attention to important movements on the market, allowing you to track fluctuations in market trends. Open a demo account and get a feel for trading on the commodities market.

Overview of commodities and typical spreads MT5